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Can You Fix Bad Breath?

Yes, you can absolutely fix bad breath. This condition, also known as halitosis, can be effectively addressed through proper oral hygiene, dietary modifications, use of natural remedies, and lifestyle changes. If bad breath persists despite these interventions, it is advisable to seek professional medical advice as it may indicate an underlying health issue.

What Is Halitosis Or Bad Breath?

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is a condition where an unpleasant odour emanates from the mouth. It can be occasional or chronic, often resulting from factors like food choices, poor oral hygiene, or underlying health conditions. Regular and proper oral care can manage and prevent this common issue.

What Are the Causes of Bad Breath?

There are many causes for bad breath, just as there are many bacteria sources in the mouth. The following factors may contribute to halitosis:

  • Poor Care of Oral Health – When food stays in the mouth without proper brushing and flossing, as well as frequent dental examinations, bacteria thrive in this environment. Food that has accumulated on the teeth, gums, and tongue has the potential to decay. This gives the mouth an unpleasant odour and flavour.
  • Certain foods – Your dental health and your breath are influenced by what you consume. Garlic and onions, as well as any other highly-scented food, are absorbed into circulation. Food can alter your breathing till it exits your body.
  • Tongue Odour Causing Bacteria – Sulphur compounds are produced when bacteria on the back of the tongue interact with amino acids in meals.
  • Periodontal Disease – Bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth are two of the most common signs of gum disease. This issue needs prompt attention from a dental expert.
  • Dry Mouth – This is a common side effect of halitosis. When saliva production is significantly reduced, the mouth is unable to cleanse itself and eliminate dirt and particles left behind by meals. Certain medications, a salivary gland condition, or constantly inhaling via the mouth instead of the nose might cause dry mouth.
  • Tobacco – Tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, and snuff discolour teeth, expose the body to various illnesses, and even cause sensitive teeth. They do, however, contribute to foul breath.

Below Are Natural Ways To Fix Bad Breath

Teeth and Gum Cleaning

Oral hygiene is connected to a variety of bad breath issues. If you don’t brush and floss properly, your mouth breaks down the little bits of food stuck between your teeth. This might produce an odour similar to sulphur or rotten eggs.

Toothpaste or mouthwash may temporarily hide the problem, but it will not solve it.

It’s like being sweaty and filthy and attempting to mask the stench with perfume. You must identify the cause of the problem first, which is bacteria. There are three sites where those bacteria can be found:

  • In the tongue
  • Under the gums
  • On teeth

Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and see your dentist for regular exams to avoid bad breath caused by food that remains in your mouth.

Make a Tongue Scrape

Because the tongue can hold food particles, brushing and flossing alone may not be enough to eliminate foul breath. Using a tongue scraper or tongue brushing will help you get to them.

After using a scraper, you may spit out yellow or brown saliva. After each usage, rinse your mouth.

You want to get rid of whatever you’ve sparked.

Eat For Improving Breathe

Food particles that stick to your teeth and tongue between meals can be removed by eating crunchy, fibre-rich fruits and vegetables especially.

Increase the number of raw vegetables in your diet, especially celery, apples, and carrots. It scrapes plaque away from the teeth and kills germs in the mouth.

It’s best to avoid overeating dessert because it might make your breath smell terrible. Refined foods and white sugar can overfeed some bacteria in your mouth, causing an odour.


Swish mouthwash to eliminate germs that cause foul breath in many individuals. Gargling, it turns out, can destroy both healthy and harmful microorganisms.

If you eat more items that contain beneficial bacteria, the good-to-bad ratio in your mouth may shift, resulting in an improved breath. Probiotic foods include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and miso (good bacteria).

Gum Chewing

Some people believe that chewing gum with a minty flavour can hide their foul breath. A stick, on the other hand, may accomplish considerably more. It can help you produce more saliva, and sugar-free varieties sweetened with xylitol can help to prevent the growth of harmful germs in your mouth.

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